Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Projecting Competence ...

Projecting competence ... used to be important.

No longer.

Today I received a mailing about a surgical educational conference at a local hospital, Jefferson.

The envelope, pre-printed stationery used by the department, had the following logo:

(click to enlarge)

This envelope certainly does not inspire my confidence. We are in a bad time in medicine when hospitals cannot spell.

I cannot imagine how this was missed, other than via the hiring of the cheapest help possible.

-- SS


Live it or live with it said...

As my teenager would say, "Sweet!!!"

Marc said...

Surgeons makes cuts don't they - they're just saving a little ink.

Anonymous said...

Example of what HIT does to their brains!

Anonymous said...

but hospitals could leverage the R&D side of HIT far better than the do

Let he who has never made a typo cast the first stone.

Cheapest help possible, indeed.

Scot M Silverstein MD said...

Anonymous said...

Let he who has never made a typo cast the first stone.

I hate to make like NJ Governor Christie, but to be blunt:

First, I would like to apologize to HC Renewal readers that some who pass by here are quite puerile. The comment of mine that 'anonymous' references was made on another blog, HIStalk, #11 here.

I allow risible comments to stand here as an example of what healthcare enablers often face from the attitudes and capabilities of the facilitators, including a predilection for logical fallacy and irrationality.

I would go into the detailed differences behind a quickly typed blog comment and hospital stationery sent to thousands of physicians, but what's the point?

As Christie recently told a teacher exhibiting similar histrionic behavior to this commenter, get serious, or sit down.

-- SS

Anonymous said...

Actually - maybe it wasn't a typo. Maybe it's admission of a new department really in charge of sugar coating all their announcements about excessive executive pay.