Saturday, September 03, 2005

Doctors and Nurses Put Patients First in New Orleans Hospitals

One small ray of light in the darkness that is Hurricane Katrina has been the response of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals at the hospitals in New Orleans. Operating in conditions unbelievably unpleasant and dangerous, they truly put their patients' interests first. I would like to think I could perform half as well if ever confronted with this sort of situation. This was a true demonstration of those core values of health care that we strive to uphold and defend.
What we do to address threats to core values on Health Care Renewal is hardly as difficult or hazardous. But hearing about what these folks had to do reminds me why it is necessary.
See this post on Retired Doc's Thoughts for a more eloquent discussion.
There is a New York Times story from today on the current health care situation in New Orleans. Most of the big hospitals have been evacuated, patients are being triaged at the airport and evacuated to other cities.

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