Thursday, December 29, 2005

External Threats to Evidence-Based Practice

Tooting my own horn a bit, I am happy to announce that my article, "External Threats to Evidence-Based Practice," has appeared in the latest issue of the Rhode Island American College of Physicians (ACP) chapter newsletter. It's on the web here.

In the article, I review the evidence-based practice process, summarized in four steps, and then threats that can occur at each step.

Please take a look. Comments and questions are always welcome, of course.

[I should note that that the opening column from the RI ACP Governor, Dr Yul Ejnes, deals with some aspects of the dysfunctional US health care system that are no doubt familiar to readers of Health Care Renewal. And anyone who spots some content elsewhere in the newsletter that is rather ironic when juxtaposed to my column gets two points.]

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james gaulte said...

That is a great article.Stealth marketing is useful term for the pseudo-CME-"scholarly" presentations that up until recently I was very naive about.Largely because of your blog I am appropriately more skeptical.