Tuesday, July 03, 2007

BLOGSCAN- Pfizer to Demand Clinical Trials Sites Only Do Pfizer Trials

On PharmaLot is a post on the new proposal by Pfizer Inc to demand that any site that performs clinical trials sponsored by the company not perform trials sponsored by any other company. This appears to take the commercialization of clinical research to a new level. The company did not address the ethics of this stance, or how it might impact trial participants.

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Anonymous said...

Could you please provide more information about your story. I was a study participant in a clinical trial by Pfizer and their code of ethics seemed to not exist. The drug remained in our system longer than Pfizer anticipated. Pfizer issued a warning to the participants not to do other clinical trials yet they did nothing to follow up on us to see if the drug was having any adverse effects. Only now, in July 2007 are they offering follow up visits to see if the drug is still in our blood. For 8 months they did absolutely nothing.