Friday, February 15, 2008

BLOGSCAN - Policy Suggestions Re Physicians and Pharma from "Jack Friday"

On the PharmaGossip blog, "Jack Friday" posted his list of suggestions to the UK Royal College of Physicians working group on relationships among physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. He suggested the RCP investigate conflicts of interest affecting UK academic medicine; develop a policies that allow UK clinical researchers access to the data they produce (something which Dr Aubrey Blumsohn was denied); consider how to defend physicians from abuse, but with the realization that physicians who take pharma money perhaps should not complain when pharma asks them to toe the line; and concluded with re-emphasizing the need to investigate financial relationships among physicians and pharma. Good work, "Jack!"


insider said...

Why thank you Roy.

This may just be a "talking shop" - who knows. It is chaired by The Lancet's editor, Richard Horton, who I do have some faith in.

Why don't you drop them a note as well with a view from across the pond?


Anonymous said...

Regarding this post, asking physicians to 'toe the line' violate the U.S. Federal Ant-kickback Statute and invites extortion.

Is that benefiting public health?