Monday, November 01, 2010

BLOGSCAN: Florida Doctors Endorse Ex- Columbia/ HCA CEO for Governor

Rick Scott was the CEO of for-profit hospital chain Columbia/ HCA.  The company ended up settling civil and criminal charges for $1.7 billion.  Like many other examples in the march of legal settlements about which we have often posted, no individual who authorized, directed, or implemented the relevant bad behavior suffered any sort of negative consequence or paid any penalty.  Rick Scott left the company, but with a golden parachute.  Now he his running for Governor of Florida, using a substantial amount of his own money (but money that probably mostly came from Columbia / HCA). (See post here.)  He may be in the lead.  And the Florida Medical Association has just endorsed him.  In the Health Beat blog, Maggie Mahar is all over this story.  Read it and weep.  Remember another good reason for the people who lead health care organizations to be truly accountable for their actions.


"Guppy" Honaker said...

Wow, not only was he a disaster for the hospital chain of Columbia/HCA, but now he thinks he's qualified to be the Governor of Florida? Simply amazing.

- David

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Anonymous said...

Now if someone had put him in Jail and fined him his net worth, he wouldn't be running for office now.

We allow this by allowing bad-doers to avoid the appropriate penalty for their crime.

The power of law enforement may be about all the current administration has to bring about change. Let's hope it uses it.

Wise Health Insurance said...

The main thing missing from the healthcare reform bill is Malpractice lawsuit restrictions. As long as DR. have to pay millions in insurance, how can the cost of healthcare get cheaper?

Anonymous said...

His election is a low point in America. Pathetic. There has not been any change...err, oops, there has been change for the worse when people like this get elected.