Friday, December 07, 2012

Fred Schulte on Investigative Journalism: "Race to electronic health records may come with a price"

Investigative reporter Fred Schulte of the Center for Public Integrity has written up his experiences on his investigation of upcoding and Medicare billing inflation due to the effects of EHRs.

The piece is of interest in regard to, at the very least, the personal recollections of how an investigation comes to be and is conducted.

I thought his piece would be of interest to HC Renewal readers.  It is at the site of the American Association of Healthcare Journalists and entitled "Race to electronic health records may come with a price."

(The result of the investigation is the series entitled "Cracking the Codes.)

Fred Schulte

This work contributed substantially and materially to a reluctant HHS and ONC deciding it was time to actually investigate the issue.

(Perhaps sometime soon HHS and ONC may also seriously investigate health IT safety, and take more than Milquetoast action.)

-- SS

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Afraid said...

So the natural consequences occur eh? Imagine that, business people trying to get the most bucks.

Those naive policy makers.