Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're Sorry ... Our New EMR May Screw Up Your Care, But Don't Worry ... Patient Safety Has Not Been Compromised

A sign seen at a hospital system recently (name redacted):

We're Sorry for any "Delays" as we start using our new EMR system ... But as a patient, you'll notice many benefits.   As to risks, nothing to see here ... move along.   (Click to enlarge)

FirstNet is an EMR system for Emergency Departments.

What's missing here is this:

  • Potentially deadly EHR startup "issues" can number in the many thousands (as at this link);
  • If you don't want to subject yourself to these delays and/or glitches, you are free to select another hospital for your care. 
  • (If you are injured or die as a result of the "Delays", then ... we're Extra-Special With Sugar On Top Sorry?)

In other words, this glib, nonchalant signage is incomplete, and misleading on its face.

While I understand its purpose, it ignores patient rights to informed consent and knowledge of a potentially unsafe environment for care, which hospitals have to prevent as an ethical and legal obligation.

Of course, "please feel free to ask your caregiver if you have any questions" ... who may in fact be limited by contract or edict to only use "Words That Work" to further soothe unsuspecting patients (as at this link).

-- SS


Anonymous said...

We are sorry if you die, if we misidentify you, if your diagnosis is delayed, if you get the wrong medication, if your records vanish during a crash when vitally needed, if you are overbilled with upcoding, if your record contains pages and pages of mind numbing legible gibberish, if your lab results are not seen in time to adequately treat your condition due to the silent silo syndrome, if your information goes to those who want to violate it, if your privacy is violated, if there is incorrect information in your record that can not be removed, to mention a few.

InformaticsMD said...

Anonymous February 23, 2014 at 7:16:00 AM EST said...

We are sorry if you die, if we misidentify you, if your diagnosis is delayed ... etc.

We apologize with sugar on top. Please accept our apology. Pretty please.

-- SS

Anonymous said...

If First Net is an EMR for the ED, then how does it share information between departments.......completely or safely?