Monday, May 12, 2014

A Nurse's Union, National Nurses United, Takes On Bad Health IT

National Nurses United (, a nurse's union, takes on bad health IT with both satire and seriousness:

Hey dude!  I'm your highly-cost effective computer technician Steve.  Tell me what's hurtin' and I'll program it into Frank, our computerized doctor and nurse replacement. (YouTube video at

See their page at

I note that nature abhors a vacuum, and since medicine's watchdogs (e.g., FDA), physicians and their organizations, the Medical Informatics community and others who know better have left a deep vacuum over health IT problems, I'm glad unionized nurses have stepped up to the plate.

-- SS


Anonymous said...

Oh, this can bring a smile to my face because it is cute. But once the screen goes blank, it gives me great pause and twinges of anxiety. Wake up knuckle head leaders in Washington! Starting under Bush II, you have systematically allowed HIT vendors to rape your Medicare pots of gold. And now, the lives of so many is in jeopardy.

Kerrie Peacock said...

That is such a great video! And it is so accurate of what is happening with the nurses unions.