Friday, May 09, 2014

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Richard Cook said...

That was cold, man, really cold ;-)

The current proposal for FDAISA presumes that IT is low risk and therefore needs no regulation.

The FDA has not yet realized that there are direct connections between the use of this technology and real clinical outcomes.

I may have to join you on the lunatic fringe...

RI Cook, MD, Sweden

Anonymous said...

T'was not a happy mothers day for that baby's mom, nor of all the others that have been injured or kiled by this vendor's devices. Think Han et al, Pediatrics December 2005.

Such a needless catastrophe would not have happened if the order was written with pencil on paper.

I can only think of the additional errors that were made because of the time wasted on figuring out how to enter the order on the defective device, and the associated cognitive disruption and distraction.

Now that is a device that should be recalled, immediately.

InformaticsMD said...

Richard Cook writes:

I may have to join you on the lunatic fringe...

I consider putting babies at risk with shoddy health IT and shoddy attitudes about shoddy health IT to be, on its face, the true lunatic fringe.

-- SS

Anonymous said...

The IT fanatics are not the lunatic fringe. They are the consumed by greed fringe.

Anonymous said...


For how many years did CEO Neil Patterson innovate to arrive at this IV fluid solution?

That damn regulation will just stifle his innovation.