Friday, January 25, 2008

Government Health IT Webcast featuring MedInformaticsMD: The Problem With EMR's

Readers of Healthcare Renewal know of my views on Healthcare Informatics and clinical IT such as electronic medical records. I am a passionate supporter of clinical IT, but believe the industry is still immature, employing a leap of logic - faith? - that impairs results. Namely, the almost religious and mostly unchallenged belief that the leadership, assumptions, culture and methodologies of what I call "business computing" or M^3 computing (M cubed - management, mercantile, and manufacturing) computing are appropriate, if not the only approach, to the computing subspecialty of clinical computing.

In postings here and here I wrote on my concerns about an "irrational exuberance" over EMR's that seems to be sweeping the healthcare industry. The former post, I believe, caught the attention of an editor at Government Health IT. The end result of our conversation was a webcast in which the editor interviewed me on the issue.

You can listen to the webcast here. It is entitled "The Problem with EMRs."

So far, I've had a number of positive responses and a few speaking engagement invitations. I have not yet been called a luddite or technophobe. Considering my website on health IT difficulties has been viewed 500+ times via a link the Government Health IT story, I consider this a minor miracle.

-- SS

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