Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Political Insecurity at Provident Hospital

From the Chicago Sun-Times: the company that just won a multi-year contract to provide security at Provident Hospital, (an affiliate of Cook County Hospital) has a history of strong political connections and accusations of negligence. Digby's Security Services and the Digby family "have pumped thousands of dollars into the political campaigns of [Cook County Board President John] Stoger, his son Alderman Todd Stroger, and their 8th Ward Democratic Organization as the company made millions off government contracts -- contracts that also have brought it troubles. The firm settled two of the highest profile negligence lawsuits in CTA [Chicago Housing Authority] history, one involving Eric Morse, a boy thrown from a CHA high-rise in 1994, and one involving a child known as Girl X, who was found raped and beaten in a high-rise stairwell in 1997.." "In 2000, the ... Daley adminstration cut off Digby's security contracts at city tow yards after one of its guards admitted to taking bribes to release cars." The lowest bidder on the hospital security contract has filed a complaint that the County manipulated the bidding process so Digby's could win instead.
Is this another not very pretty example of health care leaders putting local political concerns ahead of providing the best services at the lowest costs at a muncipal hospital?

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