Friday, March 11, 2005

Still More Fall-Out from the Bankruptcy of Allegheny: Womens' Medical Center to Close

The fallout from the bankruptcy of Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation (AHERF) continues even now. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Women's Medical Center, formerly part of AHERF, formerly Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital, is closing. Although some would argue that the hospital was already in trouble when Allegheny acquired it in 1988, there is at least an argument that mismanagement by AHERF, and then the catastropic bankruptcy of AHERF in 1998, the second largest bankruptcy of any kind in the country at that time, were also partially responsible for the end of the hospital. The hospital was originally part of Female Medical College, the first medical school for women in the US, founded in 1850.


InformaticsMD said...

I did my internship in internal medicine at MCP in the early 1980's, so I consider the closure especially sad.

While Dr. Donald Kaye, the chair of internal medicine at that time (and later Allegheny CEO of the eastern region) was a rather harsh and intimidating chairman, the habits I learned there of "take no prisoners" in the quality of care delivered to patients has helped me in my attitudes towards troubled computing efforts in healthcare by the underqualified, incompetent or corrupt.

Such matters kill patients too.

In reality, if the typical IT personnel in hospitals and even pharma were subjected to the same rigor expected in an academic internship/residency (and expected by people when they go to a doctor), they'd flunk out rather quickly in my opinion.

-- SS

Anonymous said...

Sad ending to a once great institution. I was founding chair of family med at MCP from 1993 to 2000. While I wasn't there prior to the AHERF era from what I heard the hospital and med school were in serious financial difficulties for a number of years before Sharif came to town as their "savior."
I feel sorry for pts and employees.
During a recent visit to Phila. I was told that Drexel may try to re-open the hospital.