Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Historic Case of Health Care Mismanagement

To toot my own horn a bit, the next in my series of historic cases of health care mismanagement has appeared in our local (RI) American College of Physicians newsletter. The article, entitled, "The Curiously Quiet Case of Cooper's Corrupt CFO," recounts a case featuring briefcases filled with cash, a hospital trustee convicted of murder, and the embezzlement of over $21 million. Yet despite these lurid details, it seemed to get no notice outside of local newspapers. In my next article, to appear in the summer, I will attempt to discuss lessons learned and not learned from cases like this and the one I previously recounted, that of the Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation.

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Wallace Sampson said...


A full description of the situation would make a good article for one of several journals. Can I solicit you?