Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Wall Street Journal on "Misleading [Medical] Journal Articles"

Today's Wall Street Journal has a (front page in the print edition) article that nicely summarizes some cases of a "Worrisome Ailment in Medicine: Misleading Journal Articles." It includes such cases as the controlled trial of Celebrex that included only six-month data (when the twelve-month data failed to show a benefit). As Jeffrey Drazen, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine put it, editors have "found themselves playing a game of hide-and-seek," including "experiences where authors tried to pitch it, where they were telling you the good news and not the bad."
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Egan Allen said...

Glad to see the WSJ print this. Pharma has strayed from its scientific roots and become spin machines that serve other masters in the taxonomy of priorities (namely, share price, profits, market share, etc.) over reason-based scientific inquiry.

Journals are funded by advertising from these money-machines; the authors are often on the doll so-to-speack (conflict of interest abounds); heck, even the grant-writers have been on the take (NIH scandal); paper factories flourish; and on and on; it therefore is no surprise that we have a garbage-in (research) garbage-out (publishing) situation.


Anonymous said...

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Side effects-
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