Wednesday, August 31, 2005

External Threats to Physicians' Professionalism

Tooting my own horn a bit.... I just published a commentary entitled "External Threats to Physicians' Professionalism: What Is To Be Done?" in the Summer 2005 issue of the Rhode Island Chapter (of the American College of Physicians) Governor's Newsletter (on pages 6-7).
It includes a quick summary of how threats to professionalism may be manifested: cross-fires and double-binds; perverse financial incentives; deception, disinformation, and propaganda; and intimidation and coercion. It notes some recent examples: not-for-profit hospitals violating their missions by charging uninsured patients inflated list prices; managed care executives who receive seven-to-nine figure compensation blaming patients for rising costs of health care; and pharamaceutical companies manipulating the medical research literature. Finally, it includes a brief pitch for this blog, and FIRM (the Foundation for Integrity and Responsibility in Medicine.)
Commenst and questions are welcome, of course.

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Dan said...

Very well written piece, Roy.
Along with FIRM and this blog, I am witnessing a greater groundswell for this work. I see this a reemergence of professionalism and putting the care of patients first. The AAFP now has a private sector advocacy section to address concerns about MCO's, hospitals and pharma. Also check out if you are curious.
Thanks for all or your efforts
Dan Sontheimer