Thursday, January 19, 2006

Multi-faceted description of those who ail healthcare

With reference to many of the postings about healthcare dysfunction related to the ethical behaviors of healthcare leadership, thought this multi-faceted description of those who ail healthcare, courtesy of a physician in the midwest, is worthy of documentation. This came to me in discussions about mutual observations of healthcare leaders who create problems, centered on but not limited to healthcare information technology.

It's too bad these characteristics do not seem to be thoroughly assessed prior to entry into healthcare leadership. Or perhaps they are assessed...and viewed as virtues by those with pure financial motivations.

I believe ethical, refined leadership is step one towards better healthcare.

... narrow, self serving,manipulative, no conscience, no insight into self, lying, ability to cognitively distort prn to assuage their shame (not guilt) and rationalize all actions and thoughts, no empathy, and no ability to grow in mind or spirit, lacking in humor (other than mean stuff) and never able to laugh at self, "takes herself seriously", and finally, the real clue "he just doesn't get it"

..... competitive, suspicious, snake in grass, ability to manipulate, attack and recoil are their survival techniques, all false self-no inner sense of self-so you can't really say you know who they are-because they aren't...

Any of that sound familiar?

I think that covers the subject fairly well.

-- SS

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