Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gretchen Morgenson on Enron

Gretchen Morgenson, the inimitable Cassandra of the NY Times today publishes a superb piece on Enron and its aftermath. Read it while it's still available on a no-pay basis. She avers that the Enron verdicts are not the beginning of the end of the current, laudable, phase of house-cleaning, but just the end of the beginning.

We may only hope that her analysis proves prescient. And we may only hope that we start seeing more of these prosecutorial energies poured into malfeasance over here in the healthcare briar patch. Dr. Poses and I have spoken often about the peculiar anechoic effect that seems still to hold sway in medicine. It must end.

That's why I blog this article by the intrepid Times reporter. Her final words are especially apt: "Unfortunately, questionable corporate practices continue apace." And: "As the Enron jury eloquently told us last week, silence in the face of these offenses gives consent."

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