Friday, January 12, 2007

Are You Ready for Some Football (and More)?

Well, it's that time of year again, the run-up to the Super Bowl in the US. So in that spirit, use this link to view the blog's All-Pharma Cheerleading Squad. This includes pictures and links to biographies of 16 lovely ladies who are both pharmaceutical representatives and cheerleaders for professional US football teams. The blog noted that there are probably more candidates for this squad, since some team sites do not list the professions of their cheerleaders.

We posted last football season about how pharmaceutical companies were beginning to view former cheerleaders as ideal candidates to be pharmaceutical representatives. The explanation had to do with enthusiasm, of course.... But one cannot help but wonder whether the pharmaceutical marketing folks perhaps had some other characteristics in mind.

That suspicion is raised further by the recent designation of Ms Donna Chiafair, another pharmaceutical representative, as Miss FHM for 2006. FHM is a men's magazine known for publishing revealing pictures of attractive young women. The relevant press release is here. For those interested, a Google search might be much more, shall we say, revealing.

This is all good fun, of course, but raises again questions about how far pharmaceutical companies are willing to go to market their products, and the extent that marketing has taken precedence over science and concerns about patients welfare among their leadership.

Hat tip to PharmaGossip for both stories (here and here).

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