Monday, March 26, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Health Care Renewal has now been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award three times, from PharmaGossip, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, and Seroxat Sufferers. Thanks to all for the honor!

In return, we are expected to nominate five more blogs that have not yet received the award.

I do have to note that many of our favorite blogs have already been cited. But there are more who are deserving. So I nominate, in alphabetical order:

Two of the first general medical blogs, with lots of interesting commentary about the real world of medicine

Lots of interesting health care/ policy posts, with emphasis on conflicts of interest problems

Truly unique - a hospital CEO who tells it like it is

FIRE's in-house multi-author blog on academic freedom, due process for students and faculty, freedom of conscience, etc

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