Saturday, August 08, 2009

AFL/CIO Interested in Healthcare IT Failure?

In today's Wall Street Journal, in a piece entitled "You Are Terrifying Us" about the growing opposition to the administration's healthcare reform plan, columnist Peggy Noonan writes:

... But every day the meetings seem just a little angrier, and people who are afraid—who have been made afraid, and left to be afraid—can get swept up. As this column is written, there comes word that John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO has announced he’ll be sending in union members to the meetings to counter health care’s [i.e., the reform plan's - ed.] critics.

Massive expansion of healthcare IT is one of the cornerstones of the healthcare reform initiative. I have expressed my concerns in an open letter to the President on this blog about the dangers of too rapidly pushing health IT in its present underdeveloped and experimental condition.

With that in mind, I've just noted several "hits" on my Drexel website on healthcare IT failure from the following IP number (internet digital address):

06 Aug, Thu, 16:22:42 Netscape 7 Windows XP
06 Aug, Thu, 16:45:53 Netscape 7 Windows XP
06 Aug, Thu, 17:03:07 Netscape 7 Windows XP

These occurred as a result of someone at IP searching Google on the phrase "drexel university health information tech."

I cannot tell what they looked at besides the site's main page at 16:22, but at 16:45 and 17:03 the referring URL's were:

In other words, my biographical information was being reviewed.

IP translates as follows:

AFL-CIO AFLCIO-17-0 (NET-12-4-17-0-1) -

Perhaps someone at AFL-CIO is interested in pursuing a graduate certificate in healthcare informatics at Drexel, or perhaps someone there is conducting background research on potential or perceived IT-related "impediments" to healthcare reform. (Such as my writings?)

I don't know which, but I thought the hits interesting.

-- SS

Aug. 11 update:

This "hit" just in on unknown referrer:

Aug, Tue, 08:13:39 Netscape 7 Windows XP

IP translates to:

(NET-12-32-3-192-1) -

A lot of hits on my HIT failure site with union labels lately.

-- SS


Anonymous said...

We do not realize the level of misinformation and extremes being taken by those involved in the health care reform debate until confronted on a personal level. I received a phone call from my sister, odd in itself, with the purpose of discussing my position on health care reform.

She had attended a meeting where she works and was informed by the company's insurance carrier that under the new system they would continue to pay ever increasing premiums, while illegal immigrants would receive the same care, paid for with increased taxes. This was followed by a talking head on a supposed "news" show stating that under any reform, people would be allowed to die on the streets, just like in Canada and the UK today.

We then spent the next hour taking apart all of the false claims and trying to deal with issue based on known facts. Since there is no completed bill being voted on, everything up to this point is a proposal.

What I found shocking was her firm belief that our 78 year old father, who uses the VA for his care, would be denied medical care. Her concern extended to me, as I will soon turn 55 and my wife will retire from a movement job. thus in her mind, leaving us with no medical coverage.

The medical system in this country appears to be so fragmented and fraught with conflicts of interest that it appears any meaningful reform may not take place as the various players jockey to protect their individual pieces of the pie. The battle cry of NO, NO, NO, appears to be drowning out any serious debate.

Steve Lucas

Anonymous said...

Typo, my wife has a government job.

Steve Lucas

Riva said...

This is interesting. My question is, are CATS covered under family health care plan?