Friday, March 08, 2013

Twitter EHR "revolt": #EHRbacklash

As noted at the new IEEE Spectrum piece "U. S. Electronic Health Record Initiative: A Backlash Growing?"  (worth reading in its entirety along with its hyperlinks), the following is noted:

There seems to be a slow but steady backlash growing among healthcare providers against the U.S. government’s $30 billion initiative to get all its citizens an electronic health record, initially set to happen by 2014 but now looking at 2020 or beyond. The backlash isn’t so much about the need for, or eventual benefits of, electronic health records but more about the perceived (and real) difficulties caused by the government's incentive program and a growing realization of the actual financial and operational costs involved in rolling out, using, and paying for EHR systems.

The first hyperlink (on the word "backlash") is to a Twitter "revolt" marked by tweets using the hash tag (index tag) "#EHRbacklash." 

I did not start the use of this tag, although have started "tweeting" using it.

The link to tweets made with the tag is:

This is certainly a "first", and should be an industry and pundit wake-up call.

-- SS

Addendum:  easier to follow at this link:

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