Friday, December 13, 2013

JOBSCAN - Project Officer to Address Corruption in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Sector in the UK

It is extremely rare that I see a job posting relevant to Health Care Renewal, but amazingly saw one today:

Job Opportunities at Transparency International

Project Officer, Corruption in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sector, Transparency International UK

Application Closing Date - 03 Jan 2014
Job Start Date - February 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter
Duration - This appointment is for one year initially
Pay Scale - £26,000-30,000 pa depending on experience
Location - Transparency International UK, London, UK
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I would urge anyone interested to apply soon.  The deadline is coming up.  I am glad to see that Transparency International in the UK is addressing corruption in health care. 

Roy M. Poses MD on Health Care Renewal

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Anonymous said...

Yeah this is a rare job. I respect the angle of it as I worked in industry but left as I wasn't sure I liked what it stood for. I've applied for the post but not heard back from them (tomorrow is the last date to hear back from them )