Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Conference on Disease-Mongering

Blimey, more positive news...

If you can get to Australia in April, you can attend the Inaugural Conference on Disease-Mongering to be held in Newcastle, New South Wales, from 11 to 13 April, 2006.
The conference will bring together academics, researchers, health professionals, health managers, journalists, writers and consumers who share an interest and concern over the trend to corporate definitions of diseases with a primary interest in making profits rather than a concern for the public health.

The Conference will feature speakers who are internationally recognized in this field. We are also inviting free papers on any topic related to disease-mongering and medicalisation.
For those who want to submit papers (original research or commentaries), the abstract deadline is March 1.

I am glad these sorts of problems are now coming out into the open. We first have to recognize the problems before we can come up with solutions.

Thanks to PharmaGossip for the tip.

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insider said...

Thanks for the hat tip. The conference's main sponsor is Abbott Laps :-)