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Global Corruption Report 2006 - Focus on Health Care

Transparency International has just published a new and very important report on global corruption, particularly corruption in health care.
I have pasted below the bulletin from PAHO on this, which includes links to the report.
The Health Care Renewal bloggers will be busily digesting the report, and hope to get back shortly with some reaction to it.
Anyone who reads the Health Care Renewal blog should read this report.
Global Corruption Report 2006
Published in London by Pluto Press (ISBN 0 7453 25092).
Transparency International
Launched 1 February 2006,
Global Corruption Report details how corruption deprives millions of access to essential health care and helps spawn drug – resistant strains of deadly diseases
Available online here.

The GCR 2006 focuses on corruption and health. Including expert reports on:
- the risks of corruption in different health care systems
- the scale of the problem: from high-level corruption in Costa Rica to counterfeit medicines in Nigeria to health care fraud in the United States
- the costs of corruption in hospital administration and the problem of informal payments for health care
- the impact of corruption at various points of the pharmaceutical chain
- anti-corruption challenges posed by the fight against HIV/AIDS

It also includes:
- a foreword by Mary Robinson
- detailed assessments of the state of corruption in 45 countries
- recommendations for cleaning up the health sector
- examples of successes in preventing health-related bribery, fraud and corruption
- the latest corruption-related research, including studies on the links between corruption and other global issues such as pollution, gender and foreign investment

The causes of corruption in the health sector: a focus on health care systems
William D. Savedoff and Karen Hussmann, Why are health systems prone to corruption?
William D. Savedoff, A tale of two health systems
Malcolm K. Sparrow, Corruption in health care systems: the US experience
Lisa Prevenslik-Takeda, Corruption in Cambodia's health sector

The scale of the problem
Emilia González, Case study: Grand corruption in Costa Rica
Magnus Lindelow, Inna Kushnarova and Kai Kaiser, Measuring corruption in the health sector: what we can learn from public expenditure tracking and service delivery surveys in developing countries
Omar Azfar and Tugrul Gurgur, Local-level corruption hits health service delivery in the Philippines
Richard Rose, Corruption is bad for your health: findings from Central and Eastern Europe
Helena Hofbauer, ‘Citizens’ audit’ in Mexico reveals paper trail of corruption
Jim Gee, Fighting fraud and corruption in Britain’s National Health Service

Corruption in hospitals
Taryn Vian, Corruption in hospital administration
Taryn Vian, Cash registers inject transparency – and revenue ? into Kennya’s Coast Provincial General Hospital Ana First, Hospital waiting lists open for scrutiny in Croatia
Michael Smith, No bribes for healthy business: India’s Transasia Biomedicals

Informal payments for health care
Sara Allin, Konstantina Davaki and Elias Mossialos, Paying for ‘free’ health care: the conundrum of informal payments in post-communist Europe
Péter Gaál, Gift, fee or bribe? Informal payments in Hungary
Azeddine Akesbi, Siham Benchekroun and Kamal El Mesbahi, Informal payments take a toll on Moroccan patients

Corruption in the pharmaceutical sector
Jillian Clare Cohen, Pharmaceuticals and corruption: a risk assessment
Transparency International, US pharmaceutical company fined for payments to charity headed by Polish health official
Jerome P. Kassirer, The corrupting influence of money in medicine
Harvey Bale, Promoting trust and transparency in pharmaceutical companies: an industry perspective
John R. Williams, Fighting corruption: the role of the medical profession
Dora Akunyili, The fight against counterfeit drugs in Nigeria
Stuart Cameron, Corruption in the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
Stuart Cameron, Malpractice in the Office of the Drug Controller in Karnataka, India

Corruption and HIV/AIDS
Liz Tayler and Clare Dickinson, The link between corruption and HIV/AIDS
Toby Kasper, Accountability in a time of crisis: corruption and the Global Fund
Kipkoech Tanui and Nixon Ng’ang’a, Corruption in Kenya’s National AIDS Control Council

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