Sunday, March 18, 2012

To all physicians: Fools hiring amateurs, to control you and land you in court?

Health IT systems will be/are used to control you - a medical professional - in your treatment of patients, and could land you in court if they contribute to your making a medical mistake.

They could also land you in a sham peer review for being a "disruptive" physician if you complain about a poor EHR.

Here's an example of who gets hired to run such systems. Note the "Education" and "Qualifications Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required" I bolded.

This job description is not atypical of many "clinical informatics" job descriptions:


Clinical Informaticist(Job Number: 25388-35620)

More About HCA.....
  • HCA has been Recognized in Computerworld Magazine's Top 100 Workplaces to work for Information Technology Professionals for the 3rd consecutive year, coming in this year at #32.
  • HCA has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the 2011 World's Most Ethical Companies.

Summary of Duties

The Clinical Informaticist is accountable for driving successful adoption and clinical process optimization of clinical information systems. This is done through the application Clinical Adoption Methodology, incorporating best practice and evidence-based knowledge. Utilizes the knowledge and skills of clinical practice to determine clinical functions that are suitable for computer application and to ensure the information systems are consistent with professional standards of clinical practice. Acts on behalf of the Director of Applications in absence of said director.

Duties Include But Are Not Limited To

  • Facilitates knowledge of current state, desired state, and gap analysis of core clinical processes that are enabled by clinical information technology, being mindful of operational requirements/ constraints and conflicts. Works collaboratively with QA to evaluate outcomes, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Maintains a trusting and effective relationship with all customers. Assists clinical managers in identifying information systems needs and project management related to information systems.
  • Maintains membership or consultation to appropriate committees, work groups or task forces as needed to facilitate the ongoing process of the design, implementation, and revision of the automated and manual components of the clinical information system. Conducts meetings and presentations, effectively and professionally.
  • Maintains a current knowledge of a) trends and issues in health care, nursing practice, healthcare informatics, regulatory/accreditation requirements; b) organizational policies and procedures related to clinical practice and the legal implications of the clinical information system; c) structure and hierarchy of the organization.
  • Functionality expertise for clinical applications supporting core patient care processes and their relationship to other organizational information systems.
  • Works closely with counterparts in appropriate user organizations to ensure consistent and effective use of technology resources and optimization of installed applications and sustainability.
  • Adheres to Code of Conduct and Mission & Value Statement. Understands the personal obligation to report any activity that appears to violate applicable laws, rules regulations or the Code of Conduct itself. Maintains confidentiality, promotes system security to promote compliance.
  • As facility-care-area based position must learn and comply with System and facility safety policies and rules; must use appropriate safety equipment and procedures at all times; must immediately report all unsafe conditions to supervisors; must be familiar with all safety features of equipment, tools or materials encompassed by job duties; and must check with supervisors (prior to job performance) if there is a question as to the safe procedure to be used for any job function.
  • Participate in special projects as needed and performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

  • Membership in an appropriate organization is required (HIMSS, AMIA, for example) that is specifically targeted to informatics in healthcare
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Project Plan, and VISIO)
  • Strong oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills; strong analysis/problem solving and critical thinking; strong leadership, facilitation and coaching skills; current knowledge of patient care practices; clinical expertise; ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Knowledge and skill in selection, implementation, and training of clinical information systems
  • Project management skills
  • Previous experience utilizing Meditech documentation system
  • Previous experience with Quality Improvement initiatives and clinical process re-engineering


  • BSN or Bachelors degree in other Allied Health Professional degree from an accredited college
  • Current (10/08) department incumbents must achieve Bachelors requirement by 12/31/2012


BSN, allied health bachelors, or "must achieve Bachelor's by 12/31/12"?

Some (at best) MBA-level fool wrote this 'description' for the hiring of some amateur with a BS - or no degree - to perform functions that will seriously affect how you, with 4 years college, four years med school, PGY internship, residency, perhaps fellowship or other post doctoral experience, perform your profession?

Your kids may have more professional education and qualifications than your hospital's "health computing experts." Fantastic.

I add this:

Health IT cannot be made to work properly - ever - when being mismanaged by fools and amateurs.

-- SS


Anonymous said...

They hire felons and drug addicts too and trot them out as experts. Should those on the receiving end of this bs, the doctors, complain and point out the adverse events as being due to defective HIT devices, they will be brought before the hospital's paid behavior tribunal for remedial behavior lessons and threat of suspension.

Hospitals invariably instituted "Code of Conduct" provisions in medical staff bypass which are aggressively being used to quash any dissent by the patient advocates.

Anonymous said...

Auto spell check sucks. Med staff bylaws, not bypass, in prior comment.

Deborah Maliver M.D., J.D. said...

Accountability? It gets worse and worse.