Friday, October 12, 2007

BLOGSCAN - Journal Changes Policy After Blumsohn Case

On the PharmaLot blog, Ed Silverman posted about the latest developments in the case of Dr Aubrey Blumsohn, who lost his job after he tried to get the data from the study he lead of Actonel from the study's commercial sponsor, Procter & Gamble (see Dr Blumsohn's blog here.) The journal that published an allegedly ghost-written story whose data Blumsohn charged was analyzed in a questionable manner just announced a change in its policy seemingly meant to prevent such problems in the future.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn do you no the serious side effects that Actonel causes. If so why didn't you do or say something about it. After taking Actonel I have had to have two surgeries. How can one allow such a drug to be given to a human, let along an animal.

Anonymous said...

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