Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Three Rants Worth Reading

Some of our fellow bloggers have been inspired about issues important to the readers of Health Care Renewal.

On Retired Doc's Thoughts, Dr James Gaulte ranted about external threats to physicians' professionalism, concluding that many threats arise because most of the players in health care are playing with other peoples' money.

On the Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry Blog, the anonymous author ranted about how the academic peer-review system for assessing scholarly manuscripts, which grew up in an earlier and more honorable era (see above), is inadequate now when so much is written for publication by people who may be motivated by marketing as much as science.

On the Carlat Psychiatry Blog, Dr Daniel Carlat ranted about the small, but numerous conflicts of interest that physicians often accrue from their relationships with pharmaceutical sales representatives, and how they push physicians to believe that marketing equals education.

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