Saturday, January 09, 2010

HealthMemes: A "Healthcare Disruptive Innovation" custom Google search site

In my March 2009 post "Disruptive Innovators at Healthcare Renewal: Disruptive to whom, exactly?" I wrote about a fascinating site "HealthMemes: Tracking Conversations About the Future of Health" at that linked to some of the posts here.

The site is a blog of the organization
International Informatics Institute (IN3.ORG) and identifies latest trends in health care disruptive innovations (innovations that go "outside the box").

In that post I opined that:

... If there are disruptive innovators, then there must be a whole taxonomy of people who are not disruptive innovators.

The taxonomy might go something like this:

  • disruptive innovator
  • soothing, tradition-bound innovator
  • disruptive imitator (the antonym of innovator)
  • tradition-bound imitator
  • disruptive non-contributor
  • tradition-bound non-contributor
  • disruptive demolisher
  • tradition-bound demolisher (perhaps an oxymoron)

Disruptive innovators, thus, are disruptive to the interests of a wide variety of others.

Now, the site has created a custom Google search that searches over 80 healthcare blogs, news sites and research sources considered "disruptively innovative" and used in the daily Health Memes postings. Healthcare Renewal is one of those sites as are some of our favorite others.

The "Healthcare Disruptive Innovation" custom Google search is at and includes quite an impressive collection of sites.

Take a look.

-- SS

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