Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Novel Idea on Healthcare IT: Worth a Billion Dollars!

From an AMIA announcement:

CMS Innovation Center Announces $1 Billion Funding Opportunity:

CMS announced a new initiative, the Health Care Innovation Challenge, which will provide grants for new ideas to improve care and lower costs for those in Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP. CMS will award up to $1 billion in grants for a 3 year period and is encouraging providers, payers, local government, public-private partnerships and multi-payer collaboratives to develop new and innovative ways to improve care. To learn more about the grants and application process, check out the CMS Innovation Center website and be sure to register for the CMS webinar on Thursday.

CMS, I have an idea!

It's a really, really novel idea!

"Let's regulate HIT to improve its safety, usability, usefulness, fitness for purpose, effectiveness, etc."

That will lower healthcare costs! Save lives, too!


Can I have my Billion Dollars now?

You can do a lot in health IT with a billion dollars - if you're not the HIT industry, that is, that has squandered a large wad of these over the past several decades.

-- SS

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