Saturday, November 19, 2011

Websites dedicated by patients to a physician in Illinois under fire essentially because he's "too slow" with an EMR


Two websites dedicated by patients to a physician in Illinois under fire essentially because he's "too slow" with an EMR:

In Support of Dr. Steven Kottemann
Testimonials submitted by the patients of Dr. Steven Kottemann, Lincoln, Illinois

And a corresponding Facebook page:

Support Dr. Kottemann

The posts at these sites are well worth reading.

For background, see "Beloved Springfield Doctor Benched For Not Being Proficient with Electronic Medical Records System", The Prairie State Report, Oct. 26, 2011:

... This situation brings into focus the problem of top-down medical solutions, calling into question the efficacy of healthcare by committee, not to mention Obmacare itself. Do we really want to sacrifice good doctors in favor of good followers of top-down rules? Do we want good users of computers or excellent doctors?

The doctor, Steven Kottemann, 63, was placed on paid administrative leave in September because they felt he was not properly utilizing the new electronic medical records system that his employer, Family Medical Center, instituted.

Which is more important, one needs to ask? A computer, or an excellent clinician?

-- SS


Afraid said...

God bless this doctor

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed by the letters of support from his patients. This guy seems like an old school doctor who's more concerned about talking and listening. Who cares if he sucks at using the EMR - bring him back and keep patients happy and healthy.

Unknown said...

I am so concerned about where healthcare is going, and I blog about it regularly on my blog. It is so good to know that you are keeping the public informed in this way. EMR is just another tool of control that industrializes medicine, makes it less effective, and reduces doctors to being technicians.

Anonymous said...

Doctors need to rebel against using such devices that impede their ability to care for patients. Spread the word that they should not buy these patient endangering devices; and if they are forced to use them, report adverse events to the FDA and write to this blog.