Monday, May 07, 2007

BLOGSCAN - The "Big Bucket of Money" Affair

Question Authority with Dr Peter Rost has had numerous posts on the variously titled "Big Bucket of Money" or "ZubeGate" affair, involving first crass comments by an oncology drug marketing director that each oncology physicians' office should be regarded as containing a "big bucket of money," then allegations by anonymous insiders of a questionable marketing scheme for a cancer drug. In the last week, see posts (oldest first) on the congressional inquiry, Brandweek's coverage, AstraZeneca's internal disciplinary actions, the pink cupcakes promotional scheme, the Congressional Quarterly article, a Brandweek wrap-up, a questionable newspaper headline, what regulations or laws the pink cupcakes could have violated, blaming a vendor, allegations sent to the Office of the Inspector General, MedAdNews week in review, the internal policies that the pink cupcakes might have violated, educating about ethics, the Black Kitty's irate comments, and the ensuing cat fight.

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