Monday, May 21, 2007

BLOGSCAN - Why Did Pfizer CFO Suddenly Depart?

On Question Authority with Dr Peter Rost is this post which speculates whether the sudden departure of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Pfizer Inc was related to multiple allegations posted last week on the same blog about funny financial and other activities at Pfizer's Indian subsidiary. A more conventional explanation of the staff changes is here at PharmaLot.

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Anonymous said...

This story appears in the May 22 WSJ, and on the very same page we have story about Merck. So in the Pfizer case we have a financial executive accused of questionable financial dealings. A lawyer president who came from McDonald's, who now wants a financial executive more in tune with Wall Street.

On the Merck side we have an executive who came from GE, who is now going to Siemens, which has its own set of ethical problems.

Going back a couple of days we learn the oncologist are involved in a little insider trading. Prior to this there were questions regarding the profit involved in prescribing infusion vs. oral medications.

And this is all about helping the patient.

Steve Lucas