Monday, April 20, 2009

BLOGSCAN - Whose Interests Does Health Care Advocacy Serve?

Merrill Goozner, on the GoozNews Blog, dissected recent pronouncements on health care reform by economist Uwe Reinhardt. Reinhardt compared our US "system" of financing health care with those of some other countries. He noted some advantages of the latter systems, but wondered whether US citizens would accept the trade-offs they implied. In particular, he wondered whether the US would accept the tight regulation of private insurance companies found in Germany. But he conveniently failed to note that the German plan's success may depend on its exclusive use of only not-for-profit health insurers. Mr Goozner wondered whether if this omission had to do with Mr Reinhardt's position on the board of a for-profit US health insurance company, a relationship not disclosed in Mr Reinhardt's New York Times blog post. (We have posted before about how Mr Reinhardt's authoritative writings on health policy have not been accompanied by disclosure of his positions on the boards of several major health care corporations.) Once again, it is hard to tell whose interests prominent health care advocacy serves.

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