Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What is Life is Really Like in Pharma? - These xtranormal Video Cartoons Come Close.

Sadly, the 'xtranormal' video cartoons at the following URL capture all too well what life is like in the pharmaceutical industry - buzzwords, neologisms, nouns turned into verbs, new paradigms, team players - and per the site, endless inane "initiatives" and related threats to sanity.

I've been there; while a parody, these videos are uncomfortably close to reality.

"I'll have to ideate on that for awhile, Mike"

Even sadder are managers who believe their own babble.

-- SS


Anonymous said...

A web site I use to visit a long time ago, café pharma, reflected the mind set of the drug rep. Along with this came a classic example of what I was taught the drug rep thought of themselves, entitled, responsible for product, and of course underpaid.

1 boring old man has a post about “no is the beginning of yes.” Engagement is a corner stone of sales; as long as you have the person’s attention you have a chance of making a sale. Drug reps are taught specific sales pitches for meeting a doctor in a parking lot, hall, or going out the door.

I have to feel that part of the outrage of doctors and the public is due to the realization they have been duped. Nobody likes to make the fool and pharma has been doing this for a very long time. These sales techniques are also being used by drug companies at the FDA and in the mandate for EMR’s, to name just two.

In my state you are better off buying a used car than believing a drug rep

Steve Lucas

InformaticsMD said...

Cafepharma is still there, and the drug reps are as unhappy with management as anyone else!

The problem is, pharma has created a culture of process, gobbledegook and 'management mysticisms' over results.

I had to unlearn "pharma speak" after a few years in the industry. It can become ingrained.

-- SS

Anonymous said...